Parent volunteers will be needed throughout the year.  All families are required to volunteer 22 hours per season.  Starting with the 2017-18 season, you will be able to see the hours recorded in the Team Unify site.

Once you have worked at an event, please email your volunteer hours should be emailed to volunteer@machineaquatics.com with the event name, your role and the hours you worked so that we can have a record of your participation.  Please remember to include the name of your swimmer and family name. Once you have made you commitment, the $75 volunteer fee will be refunded to you. Refund checks are mailed monthly.

Machine hosts six meets during our season. Parents are requested to work at these meets if their swimmer is participating. There are several other ways to volunteer within the program.  These include: timing at meets, becoming a certified PVS official, helping at social events, working meets that Machine Aquatics host, updating bulletin boards, coordinators for travel meets, picnics, awards and phone trees are just a few ideas are only a few ways to volunteer.  

Please contact Alison Galbraith - alison@machineaquatics.com - to sign up and offer help.